All-on-4® Treatment Concept

A minimally invasive solution with a fixed full-arch restoration for high patient satisfaction

The highest standard of treatment available patients who have lost all of their teeth is replacement with dental implants. There are many ways to do this but one proven method is a remarkable solution often referred to as “All-on-four” or “Teeth in a day”. This treatment can revolutionize a smile and quality of life for a patient who has lost their ability to chew and smile.

With this process, an entire upper or lower arch of teeth can be fixed in the mouth on a foundation of 4 implants, although occasionally more implants may be required depending on the situation. Referred to in the dental profession as a fixed-hybrid denture, it is one of the most sophisticated treatments available in modern dentistry to replace missing teeth with a non-removable solution. In some cases, the entire process of inserting the dental implants and placing the hybrid denture in the mouth can be accomplished in the same day.

In the past, the only alternative for patients who lost all of their teeth was to place removable dentures. Unfortunately, anything that’s placed in the mouth without support or anchors that’s made to be removed will be somewhat loose, no matter how well designed or fabricated. This leads to discomfort, difficulty speaking, poor chewing efficiency and further deterioration of the bone and tissues of the face creating an aged appearance. By placing a new foundation in the jawbone with dental implants, teeth that are fixed upon those supports feel like natural teeth and alleviate the significant drawbacks of removable dentures.

Wondering if our All-on-4® solution is right for you?

Even patients who are currently wearing dentures can be candidates to have fixed-hybrids placed to improve their quality of life. Both the upper and lower arch can be treated in this manner if desired. With advanced training through the American Academy of Implant Dentistry, the doctors at East Brainerd Dentistry have done extensive training on these techniques and provide them to their patients when needed. At our practice, both the surgical and restorative parts of the process can be completed providing an excellent opportunity for patients who are seeking the benefits of a well-trained implant dentist with the knowledge and experience to deliver this level of care.


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